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Anger Management Techniques
American Psychological Association – a directory of anger management specialists
Greater Good
Mindful Self-Compassion
Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Website

Body relaxation and scan: 

This exercise is intended to help you become mindful of your body and what your muscles feel like when they are relaxed.

Cultivating your compassionate self:

This exercise can help you to access and connect with your compassionate self.

Regarding guidelines to help couples manage conflict: dcast/i-do-podcast-with-chase-sarah/id840534227


Youtube video:



Please contact Leslie Wolfe Arista for a book or interview.


Radio Interviews…/savvy-business-radio-28926077

3/13/18 – Read my article Why Is It So Hard to Express My Emotions?

10/30/17- Listen to my podcast interview with Psych Sessions:

8/17/17- dcast/i-do-podcast-with-chase-sarah/id840534227

Interview with Problems and Solutions with Cathy Blythe

Listen to CBSNewYork:

Listen to the interview on Problems and Solutions:

Listen to the NPR WBEZ Chicago interview:

Listen to ReachMD interview with Dr. Maurice Pickard:



Chronic anger as an identity:

How to Manage Anger: – article

The Greater Good Science center at Berkeley:

Library Journal Review:

Article in


See HR Magazine article:


View American Police Beat article: Golden, Am Police Beat


I've been writing a blog for Psychology Today Website since 2016. You can view it at:



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