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I actively and empathically foster a collaborative alliance with clients. I strive to provide a safe and compassionate setting, focus and support as we work together. I work to increase your self-awareness and identify very specific strategies to help you cultivate greater resilience in managing life’s challenges.

All too often, with and without awareness, we live according to an internal script that we rely on to define us. Symptoms arise when who we are and who we wish to be, clash with this script. A major goal of treatment is to help you to help you expand your repertoire of skills and awareness in order to live a more authentic life, one that is consistent with living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 


My overall approach is eclectic, based on a variety of theories, research and practice. Taken together, I help clients to identify, expand, build upon their strengths, all in an effort toward developing overall well-being. I draw on those that complement each other and best fit your specific concerns–including:  

Positive Psychology

This approach helps you to expand and build upon your strengths, all in an effort toward developing overall well-being. This includes focusing on fostering resilience, courage, and happiness, and wisdom.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

This form of therapy focuses on overcoming distortions of thinking that may promote unnecessary suffering. It emphasizes strengthening your rational mind over the influence of your emotional mind.

Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation

With this approach, you will increasingly develop awareness and sensitivity to recognizing thoughts, feeling, and sensations, without becoming overwhelmed by them. It helps you to empower your observing self as it relates to your experiencing self.

Compassion-Focused Therapy

In the past ten years research in neuroscience has recognized and supported the power of cultivating compassion and self-compassion for dealing with very challenging feelings and thoughts, in our relationships with others and with ourselves.


Most of our thoughts and actions are influenced by the complexities of our brains. I stay informed of the most recent findings in neuroscience that have helped to identify specific activities to engage in in order to foster many of the qualities associated with well-being, and


While one book does not hold the answers to all of our concerns, there are many books that can help you. For some clients, I may suggest a book to read in order to complement our work together.

My Approach

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